Partner Profiles

YogaTed Yoga

March 31, 2022 in Partners YogaTed Yoga is NOT about the poses.  It’s not about the outfit.  It’s not about being flexible.  It’s not about being 28.  It’s not about [...]

Yess Yoga

March 31, 2022 in Partners Yess Yoga, recently voted BEST of MN from MN Monthly, is an inclusive and accessible community that brings everyday magic and growth into our world to [...]

Up Yoga

March 31, 2022 in Partners Up Yoga exists to EMPOWER you to generate connections, TAKE ACTION, and be a LEADER in your own life.  We deliver on our mission through [...]

Mudita Wellness

March 31, 2022 in Partners At Mudita Wellness, our goal is to help you be the best version of you – the version where you feel balanced, healthy and whole. [...]


March 31, 2022 in Partners Colorful. Qualified. Calm. Muggymoose has specialized in Thai Bodywork and Therapeutic Table Massage for sixteen years. Other specialized therapies include:  Ayurveda, Traditional Ashiatsu, Chi Nei [...]

Svälja Yoga

March 31, 2022 in Partners Trauma-Conscious | Healing-Centered | Growth-Oriented At Svälja Yoga (pronounced “svehl-yah”) all of our offerings are trauma-conscious. Our instructors are trained in trauma-sensitive yoga practices that [...]


March 31, 2022 in Partners As a pediatric operating room nurse, author, and yoga instructor, my initial intention in creating MNyoga was to help offer trauma-informed yoga and meditation to [...]

Veda Yoga Therapy

November 3, 2021 in Partners At Veda Yoga Therapy, our focus is to provide safe, effective, and accessible yoga practices that will alleviate pain in the body, mind, and spirit. We [...]

Crystalline Light

November 3, 2021 in Partners Crystalline Light is a crystal lifestyle company offering self care tools to nurture your life and spirit. We do this through an online shop, courses, [...]